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Welcome to Il Mulino New York

For more than 20 years, chefs/founders Fernando and Gino Masci have delighted guests and gourmands from around the world with the vibrant flavors of Italian cuisine and an absolute devotion to exemplary service. It’s no wonder that Il Mulino has been voted the #1 Italian restaurant in New York City for two solid decades by Zagat’s! Il Mulino reflects the infectious enthusiasm and joy the Mascis take in bringing the Italian tradition of fine food and hospitality to your table. Simple, straightforward, wholesome and always fresh – it’s the Il Mulino tradition.

Brothers Fernando and Gino Masci were born and raised in L’Aquila, the regional capital of the mountainous countryside of Abruzzo, Italy. Abruzzo, situated in the ankle of Italy, combines the majestic splendor of the tallest peak in Europe – Gran Sasso – with sloping hillsides that spill into unspoiled coastline along the Adriatic Sea. La gente (the people) live simply, attuned to and appreciative of the natural landscape and its fruits. Like its inhabitants, Abruzzese cuisine is characterized by its simplicity: a rustic and hearty blend of the freshest ingredients available, from fish and lamb and cured meats to homemade pecorino and ricotta, all lovingly and meticulously prepared to celebrate and enjoy with family, friends and even strangers.

Raised within this welcoming tradition, it’s no surprise that at an early age, Fernando and Gino discovered their passion for food. As teenagers, the brothers apprenticed in the best restaurants in Rome, learning from the culinary masters about food preparation and service. Their culinary careers took them all over Europe and Canada, where they further honed their skills, finally settling in New York City in the 1970s.

Together, the Mascis opened Il Mulino in 1981 on a quiet corner in Greenwich Village. Here they intended to transport guests to another world – the warm richness of their home in Abruzzo. Their philosophy was, and is, the same: only the best ingredients beautifully prepared and presented to all who join us.

From day one, guests received close personal attention, from the friendly greeting at the door to the great care taken at the table to ensure absolute comfort and pleasure. That same spirit has never faltered, and explains why Il Mulino’s patrons are among the most devoted and outspoken about their memories of and relationship with the restaurant and the Mascis.