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Born in Greenwich Village, Il Mulino was created with a gourmand’s love for food and a divine calling to bring native dishes from Abruzzo, Italy to the United States. Rated Zagat's Best Italian for over twenty years, Il Mulino's "one-of-a-kind" cuisine speaks for itself in intense, lavishly delicious tones, making for an "outstanding Italian classic" restaurant where "every dish is a masterpiece." Even the ultra-cognoscenti are amazed by the exquisite perfection of this dining experience. The dish par excellence is the Osso Buco, which strikes a balance of surprising lightness between its highest quality veal and delectable sauce. With an endless parade of complementary antipasti and a fabulously overwhelming selection of pastas, meats, and delicate desserts, Il Mulino showcases Italian tastes that are unforgettable. The unabashedly European balance of farm-fresh ingredients, artistic preparation, and impeccable service distinguishes Il Mulino as the world’s most exclusive culinary asset.


Celebration is our specialization. Our luxurious private celebration rooms provide a flawless backdrop to your most cherished events. Blissful birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversary bashes, graduation blowouts— and any other party whose ecstasy level you’d like crank up—all go off without a hitch thanks to the impeccable service and to-die-for food at Il Mulino. It would be our honor to unleash our passion for Italian festivals at your next party.


Home in Italy and abroad, la bella figura is crucial. Making a fine impression at your office cocktail hour, your celebratory dinner party, your birthday bash…well, it matters. We’re all too glad to take it out of your hand, catering an exquisite event of any level, from simple snacks to a lavish feast. When you commission a work of party art from us, you give yourself license to relax like a guest, while basking in the satisfaction that comes with being a gracious host. You concentrate on your outfit—we’ll attend to the details.

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